Was CPCC Student Jake Anantha Kicked Out Of Charlotte’s Trump Rally Due To Racial Profiling?


Jake Anantha charlotte trump rallyCNN just reported that 18-year-old CPCC student Jake Anantha believed that he was removed from yesterday’s Donald Trump rally due to racial profiling.

The report claimed that Anantha was approached by Trump security because he “resembled another man who had previously disrupted Trump rallies.”

They also noted that he was “wearing a pro-Trump shirt with another pro-Trump shirt underneath.”

This was Anantha’s official statement to CNN:

Soon after the report was published, other rally attenders began to speak up.

Victor Mooney, a 23 year old African-American Charlotte resident, who also attended the rally, was a first hand witness of the entire incident.

Victory questioned Anantha’s need to rush to the front of the crowd, and wondered why he put on his pro-Trump shirt only after he began to attract attention;

Victor also commented that it couldn’t have been an issue of skin color… “If so, I would’ve been escorted out….as well as the other black man who stood in front of me”

Another rally goer claimed to have seen Anantha at other rallies, and that his undershirt was an anti-Trump shirt;

The other factor that raises suspicion is that Jake Anantha started a brand new Twitter account just hours after the highly publicized incident took place (seemingly to respond to all the new attention).

In one of his Tweets, he expresses his clear support of Gary Johnson for president:

What do you think?

Do you think this was a political stunt, or was this a genuine case of racial profiling?