Cool Places You May Not Know About in Charlotte


As more and more people continue to move to Charlotte from all over the world, we are seeing some of the most unique and interesting places open up around our city.

We’ve found unique bakeries, amazing deserts, and some of the best ethnic food you’ll ever taste.

Here are the some of the coolest I’ve ran across recently;

1) Charlotte Wholesale Supplements:

charlotte supplimentsIf you’re like me and worried about deficiencies in your diet and overall wellness needs, look no further! Charlotte Supplements is the premier one stop shop for all of your wellness products. Their prices are competitive with internet prices and from what I’ve observed they are much more affordable than places like Whole Foods. Tom, the owner, is highly knowledgeable about what he sells and overall body issues and concerns. I love being able to walk into a store and talk one on one with a knowledgeable staff and feel like I just went to a wellness clinic for a free tune up. Located on 4004 South Blvd and well worth checking out!

2) Pho Hoa on Central Ave:

Whenever I want something quick, flavorful, ethnic, and 1,000 times tastier than bar food I make my way to Pho Hoa. The menu is very diverse and the staff is very passionate about their food. Everyone I’ve taken there has become a regular. The prices are very reasonable, for example, my boyfriend and I each ordered 2 large dishes and it came out to $20 with plenty of leftovers. The food is fresh because they buy it straight from the market 3 times a day!

3) Cherry Berry in Metropolitan:

Now that its scorching outside its time to start enjoying cold treats like frozen yogurt! I stopped by Cherry Berry one day to get a sample of vanilla for my dog Snuggles and the owner came out to meet him and even let me put my shelter dog adoption flyers up in his window! The owner is super nice and anyone who is an animal advocate gets my support! If you’re an animal advocate and love frozen yogurt, be sure to check out Cherry Berry in Metropolitan! Oh, and they have a HUGE variety to choose from!

4) Las Americas, South Blvd:

Need a break from chain restaurants and boring food? Check out this awesome Colombian restaurant on South Blvd. The prices are super cheap and they often have really good lunch specials. The food is authentic and sure to leave you satisfied. The plates are HUGE and the soups are incredible. My favorite is the plantain soup.

duck donuts charlotte

5) Duck Donuts:

Holy cow! Literally, if you’re on a diet ABORT MISSION! This place is sinful and I never should have taken that first bite. Now I’m addicted. If you are on a diet you can still buy one of their cute t-shirts! These donuts are very different from chain places like Krispy Kreme. They are cake based and have a variety of icings and toppings to choose from. I tried the Reese’s Cup and it was heaven on earth. I followed it with an extreme workout the following day because I felt so guilty. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to stop thinking about those donuts.



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