Contemporary Online Banking with Genome


Even local businesses need to keep up with the times and adopt modern digital solutions. International companies especially need to have an online business account to manage their funds efficiently and work with clients worldwide. Genome is a digital financial service that will help you open a business account quickly and easily. Discover the advantages of modern virtual banking with Genome.

What is Genome?

Genome ( is an electronic money institution that allows companies in Bulgaria, as well as many other EU countries, to register multiple accounts for managing funds. Bank of Lithuania supervises this service and provides legal licensing to make your Genome account secure. Previously, to open a business account, it was necessary to spend a lot of precious time in brick-and-mortar banks, signing the papers and waiting for each decision to finalize. With a Genome business account, it is not necessary to go to a bank, transfer money and manage your accounts remotely whenever you want. A separate eWallet for your business is absolutely necessary for convenient management and payment of taxes.

Opening a Business Account and Adding Currencies

Genome makes it extremely simple and accessible to open a new business account for your company. This is how you start using this financial service:

  1. Go through the registration process by creating your login and password. Provide your ID and other necessary documents to finish verification and open your Genome account;
  2. Fill in the required data about your enterprise. Provide details on its ownership, address, etc.

And this is how you can start with this financial service. Next, it is time to add different currencies to your eWallet. At Genome, you can work with three different currencies: USD, GBP, and EUR. For each currency, it is possible to open up to five accounts. The first one that you open is a euro account. Overall, there could be fifteen different business account options at your disposal. Here is how you can add more currencies to Genome financial service:

  • As soon as you open your first financial account for businesses, go to the dashboard page;
  • There you can add five accounts for every currency available on the platform.

Once again, adding each business account is incredibly simple, and they are all available right away. Only the first account opening might take up to three days, which is much swifter than opening it at a bank.

Genome Business Account Features

The advantage of virtual banking is that your digital wallet allows not only keeping money but also managing funds, receiving updates, making transactions, and more. Here are some of the features that come with your business account:

  • Making transfers – thanks to SWIFT and SEPA solutions, Genome clients can transfer funds conveniently. Instead of waiting at a bank, transfer money instantly to other Genome users via the website or application;
  • Plastic card – Genome offers a physical payment card for easier usage. However, it is still can be ordered quickly online;
  • Security solutions – you can be sure that your business account is heavily protected thanks to the encryption measures and other safety solutions adopted at Genome. Two-factor authentication is also available;
  • Merchant account – after creating a business account for your company, it is possible to open a separate merchant account to accept funds from customers. This financial service includes convenient analytics of your merchant activity, personal manager services, a variety of payment solutions for your customers that you can manage, protection from hacking and fraud, etc.

Genome is a leading online financial service for businesses worldwide. This company allows opening business wallets within just 72 hours. With a digital banking account, you can monitor the activity of your business and perform fast transactions between other Genome accounts using internal transfers, SEPA, or SWIFT.