Concord Regional Airport’s $12.2 Million Expansion Is Almost Finished


concord regional airport expansionThe Concord Regional Airport is just about to complete their new $12.2 million expansion, which will include a new 32,000 sq ft terminal as well as a 700 space parking deck. The city is anticipating a grand opening for this coming September.

Most of the construction costs (about 90%) are coming from a federal grant, and the rest is on the shoulders of the City of Concord and the State of North Carolina.

The city is hoping to recoup most of their cost from fees generated from the parking deck, which will cost $5 per day for covered parking and $4 per day for uncovered parking.

The airport is now estimated to generate about $200 million in revenue for the Concord region, and now with the expanded terminal and parking deck, the city is hoping to attract new airlines and significantly more tourism and revenue.

Allegiant Air is currently the only commercial airline service that flies out of Concord Regional Airport.

What airlines would you like to see come to Concord? What flights would you like to see added? Please comment below;