Concord Church Holding Massive Drive To Fill Up Local ‘Blessing Boxes’


Next week, a Concord church will be holding a massive food drive in the hopes building up supplies to stock all area blessing boxes for the foreseeable future.

Concord’s One Life Church will be spearheading the drive, which will take place on August 22nd, from 1-4pm.

Blessing Boxes have been a powerful way for local community members to both give back and find help in times of need – especially now that the $600/wk unemployment benefits have just ended.

The concept is simple – “take what you need, leave what you can”

While the boxes doe occasionally operate on their own, they are occasionally cleaned out by a surge of needy families or individuals and need to be restocked all at once.

This is where the backup pantry and the partnership with One Life Church comes in.

If you would like to help stock up the back-up pantry, please bring nonperishable items to One Life Church on August 22nd.

Please help spread the word.