Concealed-Weapon Permits Have Tripled in North Carolina


With an unprecedented 4 mass shootings occurring over the past 10 days and gun deaths at record number in Charlotte, an increasing number of residents are turning to concealed weapons for protection.

According to North Carolina’s State Bureau of Investigations, concealed-carry gun permits  increased from 177,787 in 2010 to 647,553 this year. Current permit holders make up about 8% of our population – the 10th highest level in America.

All that is required to obtain the permit is an 8-hour course, a gun firing test, and a criminal and mental health background check.

The permits allows the owner to conceal their firearms in all places guns are not prohibited. It also allows NC residents to buy an unlimited number of guns with no additional background checks required for each new purchase.

What do you think about concealed carry laws in our state?