Composite Materials and Their Applications to Property Development


Composite materials are the best building materials you can use for property development. When you build or develop your property with composites, it will last longer and resist the elements better than traditional materials. There are several composites, and their uses in property development vary. 

What Is a Composite Material?

Also called composition material, a composite material is a material or product that contains more than one constituent. The constituents of composite materials have dissimilar properties, and when they merge, they form a better and more durable structural material. It is one reason engineers and builders are increasingly using composite materials in building construction or property development. 

Type of Composite Materials

There are several types of composite materials. Composite decking is one of them. Aside from composite decking, there are reinforced concrete and reinforced plastic materials. Metal matrix composite is another composite that is used in property development. Let’s consider the applications of the various composite materials in property development.

Composite Decking

The composite decking is an outdoor flooring material that makes it possible to build a patio in your garden. The advantages of using composite decking material in property development are numerous. Engineers refer to composite decking as wood-plastic composite. It is because composite decking contains wood and plastic as its constituent. Engineers mix the wood dust and recycled plastics in a factory and bond them with an adhesive before heating them till they form composite decking. The finished wood-plastic decking is better than wood and plastic.

Application of Wood-Plastic Decking to Property Development

Outdoor Decking Construction

One application of composite wood decking is in building outdoor decking. Using wood-plastic composite comes with lots of benefits. Wood-plastic composite is the most durable decking material you can use to build any outdoor decking. Aside from that, wood-plastic composite offers the advantage of being easy to maintain. Plus, they are lightweight compared to wood decking. With a simple cleaning, you can easily maintain your composite decking and keep it longer than traditional wood. Wood-plastic composite offers the best value for your cash and increases the worth of your property.

Reinforced Concrete

Reinforced concrete is another type of composite material that you can use in property development. This composite material is a combination of cement and steel bar. Concrete has a relatively low tensile strength and flexibility, but when it is combined with steel bars, it provides a strong structure that will not collapse easily. The way engineers make reinforced concrete is different from how they make a wood-plastic composite. During construction, steel bars are embedded in concrete when they are wet and left to dry.

Application of Reinforced Concrete to Property Development

Engineers can build many kinds of structures with reinforced concrete. The structures include slabs, walls, beams, columns, frames and foundations. Building the wall and foundation of your property using reinforced concrete will make the structure stronger and more durable. A house that is built with reinforced concrete will resist wind and other structural damage that can occur in a building. Without reinforced concrete, building a modern structure would not be possible.

Reinforced Plastic

Another kind of composite material that engineers are using in property development is reinforced plastic. This kind of composite material is made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibre. The fibres engineers used are usually glass, carbon or aramid. One common type of reinforced plastic is fibreglass. As a composite material, fibreglass is stronger than most metal, and it is resistant to the elements.

Application of Fibre Glass in Property Development

Fibreglass has many applications. Engineers can use it to make bathtubs, swimming pools, cladding, roofing, and external door skin. If you roof your building with aluminium, there is a chance that it will rust eventually. But using fibreglass to build the roof of your home will provide a durable and long-lasting roofing material. Since fibreglass will not rust, then it will resist the elements better than other roofing material. Composite material like fiberglass will add value to your property and increase the worth. 

Composite Cladding

Another composite material that has value and is used in property development is composite or wood-plastic cladding. This composite is stronger and more durable than wood. The advantage of wood-plastic cladding is similar to composite decking. Composite cladding is durable and easy to maintain, plus it is lightweight.


Composite material has several applications in property development. One common composite material is composite decking. This outdoor flooring material is stronger and easy to maintain. Other composites also have the advantage of being durable and lightweight.