Common Pests That Live with You in the House


You clean your house regularly to keep it free of dust, dirt, and grime. Still, some areas need more attention, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and furniture. They attract pests, which carry harmful bacteria and germs on their bodies and can infect humans. From allergies to asthma to nausea, these problems can affect your health in many ways. At the same time, your property cannot be safe in their presence. That’s why it is necessary to understand what types of insects and crawlers inhabit your home and how to get rid of them for a peaceful living. 


These home invaders hunt your home for food, water, and shelter. It doesn’t require any guessing where they would want to live. Of course, it has to be your bathroom and kitchen. You can use baits to eliminate them. Still, it is not a safe method if you have pets and kids at home. Make sure to clean your surfaces and wipe them thoroughly to eliminate possible food sources for the ants. If these methods do not work, contact a professional ant removal service to help rid your home of these unwanted guests.


Big cities face this type of pest problem a lot. But, again, they commonly reside in your kitchen and bathroom. Even if you spot only one, you can be sure there will many more of them sheltering in damp and dark crevices and nooks. If they make it their home, you can struggle to exterminate them. You will need to take comprehensive action to get rid of them. Applying insecticide near the sink, toilet, fridge, and other places can be a good idea. But again, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. 

While maintaining thorough cleanliness is crucial to discourage them from lingering in your house, you must not hesitate to call pest control professionals to remove every single trace of their existence. Do you live in Myrtle Beach?  Team Veterans is Mrytle Beach’s pest prevention experts.


Did you know these insects cause damage worth almost $5 billion in the US a year? These feed on wood. If you spot powder-like dust in and around wood furniture, you can be sure it’s them. You have to eliminate them to save your property.


Although these blood-sucking insects appear in the summer season more, you can find them hovering around you throughout the year. For them, humidity and warm weather are the best things. Hence, you can easily find them near water. Mosquito bites can cause malaria, dengue, and other dangerous illnesses. They don’t need bigger space to enter your home as a tiny hole or crack can be enough for them. While installing mesh screens and using repellants are beneficial, you can again take the help of professionals if you cannot prevent them.


Bedding, mattress, and dark corner are their favorite habitats. These night creatures survive on human blood. So when you sleep, they bite and get their food. The bites can lead to itchiness, redness on the skin, etc. These can also disturb your sleep. Since home remedies can scatter them all over your home, it is better to let professionals handle them.

Do you have any of these or other pest problems? Don’t spend sleepless nights over them when professionals are there to help you.