Collate different online brokers with this tool to find the one suitable for trading needs


With the vast and overgrown trend of online trading, many traders are shifting their business from the stock market to the online market. It is easier, faster and you can conduct your business from your comfy home chair. Online trading is not as easy as it sounds because many people think of it is a simple trade business. It is sometimes quite tough due to fluctuating market rates and high risks associated with it. Online trading is the same as physical stock market trading, the only difference being is that it is on an online platform instead of going to any physical office building. Its vast growth is mainly due to the fact that you don’t have to leave your home and meet the clients physically for investing or trading which is best given the current COVID-19 situation. Online trading has been going on for almost 2 decades now but it gained popularity during the last few years when people fully trusted it as an online earning source and noteworthy financial authorities started regulating these trading platforms. Now there are many online trading websites that deal in different products like Forex, Stocks, Commodities, CFDs (Contract for Differences), Cryptocurrency, Shares, Indices, Equity Marketing, and Bonds etc. It is a broad industry covering every type of trade that can be done physically.

For experienced traders, they have a sense of which platform to choose based on their skills and chosen field of trading. On the other hand, beginners find it difficult to choose a suitable trading site because of no prior experience. This ambiguity has been cleared by is a remarkable website that reviews and compares all the trading websites so you can easily choose a suitable trading platform in accordance with your trading needs. This website has detailed reviews of all notable online trading websites. It reviews and explains the main features, working, pros and cons, fee structure and much more. If you are stuck and cannot decide between a couple of websites, head over to and find the best platform according to your needs. has a user-friendly interface. On the top right of the website, you can see a direct link to three pages; one takes you to guides on how to perform online trading, the second page filters your brokers according to the country you want to trade in, and lastly, the third one is about the reviews of different websites. has differentiated the brokers into eight categories;

  • By Country
  • By Operating System
  • By Stock Exchange
  • By Trading Features
  • By Trading Type
  • By Account Type
  • By Payment Type
  • By Regulation guides you on how to invest in CFDs and Stocks. The website also contains a disclaimer that about 74 to 89 percent of retail investors lose their money while trading in CFDs because it is quite complex and associated with high risk. Although all the trading websites provide a demo account where you can experiment your trading skills using virtual money, it is to be noted, while using real money there is high risk involved so trade with caution.