CMS Cafeterias Debuted A Truly Bizarre Mystery Meat – The Char-Meck-A-Nator


Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools now have parents scratching their heads after debuting a new mystery meat this past Tuesday called the ‘Char-Meck-A-Nator’.

After this week’s menu was released, several parents began to ask the district on social media what it was;

The school district responded by saying it was a type of cheese/ketchup/meatloaf creation;

Parents and students alike were quick to ask the school district exactly what was in the new creation;

CMS was quick to defend the Char-Meck-A-Nator, telling everyone they needed to try it first before judging it.

They even released a special promo video and announced it will soon be coming to CMS high schools;

What do you think of the new mystery meat sandwhich?