CMPD Warning Residents About A New ‘911 Revenge’ Scam


Law enforcement is now telling people not to engage in telemarketers if you are upset.

A new scam is sweeping the country that’s being called ‘911 revenge’.

A recent case involved a telemarketer calling 911 to report robbers inside a home, wearing masks and carrying bats.

Within minutes, officers arrived at the home and discovered the homeowner wasn’t in any trouble at all.

After their investigation, police discovered that the victim had recently received several calls from a telemarketer who was selling iTunes cards, after more than one call, the homeowner became upset and started arguing.

The telemarketer then decided to get back at the homeowner by calling in a fake robbery at the home.

NBC Charlotte made this video explaining more about the scam:

The CMPD have stated that it isn’t a widespread problem yet, but they are aware of it and they know of several local cases of the scam being attempted.

They say that the best advice for anyone who gets a cell phone call from an unknown number is to let it go to voicemail.