CMPD Wants To Build A New $26 Million Police Station in Uptown Charlotte


A new three-story police station would rise near Johnson & Wales University if the Charlotte City Council approves a request from the police department.

According to yesterday’s press release, “City Council received an update Monday night on the lease agreement for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s (CMPD) Central Division office space. Bank of America owns the facility. CMPD and Engineering and Property Management considered more than ten properties for the potential new location of the city-owned Central Division station.”

At the meeting, CMPD chief Kerr Putney announced the decision to pursue the construction of a new $26 million central police station on 1.27 acre site at 700 West 5th Street across from the Elmwood Cemetery:



Police chief Putney noted that the new facility would be bigger, more advanced, and more easily accessible than their current facility. “Ultimately, this is our opportunity to have a good location in center city,” he commented.

The city has currently budgeted $13.5 million for the new department, and would need to approve an additional $12.5 million to move forward with the proposed project.