CMPD To Begin Issuing Tickets To Anyone Who Leaves A Car “Running and Unattended”


Charlotte police are now done with warning people and will now be issuing $50 fines to anyone who leaves their car ‘running and unattended’.

CMPD issued the warning on Twitter along with the following video;

Leaving a car unattended and unlocked on any street or public place in the city is against the law if the key is either left in the ignition or is in plain view inside the car. Police even warn against doing it in your driveway, as thieves have reportedly stolen running cars from just outside people’s homes.

If you need to warm up your car from inside your home on cold days, it’s recommended that you carry two sets of car keys so they can keep doors locked while the car is running, or just buy a remote car starter (Amazon sells several brands for around $50).