Clothes Shopping Tips for Better Savings


From shoes and socks to hats and coats, clothing is an essential component of modern life. Everyone in your family, including yourself, wears dozens if not hundreds of different garments throughout the course of a year. And if kids are part of the equation, you’re tasked with constantly buying better-fitting clothes as they grow.

As a result, the typical mom spends anywhere between $150 and $400 on clothes every month. That adds up to thousands over the course of a year. Rather than let clothing take large bites out of your household budget, it’s time to take action. Fortunately, the ability to save money on clothes is easier than you think.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at five ways to reduce clothes spending for you and your family:

Go straight to the source

Buying clothing through Amazon is a convenient way to shop. But chances are you’re spending more by going through the retail giant instead of the designers themselves. Luckily, you don’t need to plan a trip to London or Milan. Whether it’s plus size clothing stores, lingerie boutiques, or sports-themed outfitters, chances are they have a website where you can buy direct. Doing so cuts out the middleman and cuts your clothes spending in the process.

Opt for outlet outings

Outlet stores are located in and around almost every major city in the United States. This means you’re probably an hour’s drive or less away from taking advantage of crazy deals on shoes, major discounts on clothes, and updating your wardrobe at a fraction of the cost of paying full price at first-run department stores. Even if you discover the options are a bit dated for your liking, your kids won’t know the difference!

Choose quality over quantity

We can all agree there’s a correlation between clothing cost and clothing quality. While some clothing items are destined to be destroyed and don’t need to be nice – t-shirts and gym shorts come to mind – but other articles of clothing are worth the cost of going premium. Anything meant for special occasions should be made of durable materials, which almost certainly means a higher price tag. But if you choose classic styles that never go out of fashion, you can rely on the same outfits for a decade or longer.

Embark on thrift store treasure hunting

If it’s the afternoon before a party and you need a specific type of outfit, going to the thrift store is probably asking too much. However, making the rounds once a month can lead to incredible finds you’d never expect. You might find a beautiful dress on sale for $4 because it used to be worn by someone else. Stick it in your closet, so next time there’s a special occasion, you’ve got the perfect garment ready to wear!

Jump on offseason sales

Clothing stores are constantly changing inventory to keep up with the seasons. This opens up the opportunity for shoppers to swoop in at the right time to take advantage of significant discounts on offseason shoes and attire. Fall is the perfect time to stock up on next summer’s clothing! However, it’s essential to know when to shop because these items go fast. There’s no shame in asking sales personnel about upcoming deals on out-of-season clothing.

Clothing, like food, is one of those things we can’t go long without. It may seem like we’re forced to spend a fortune on outfitting our families every year, but there are several ways for moms to chip away at the cost of buying clothes. All it takes is a willingness to take advantage of them going forward. If you could make $2000 by simply changing your shopping habits, wouldn’t you do it? That’s basically what happens when you start buying clothes the smart and savvy way.