City of Charlotte Just Received One Of Their Largest Petitions in History To Stop The i77 Toll Lanes


Charlotte i77 Petition4

Charlotte i77 Petition3 Last Tuesday, the Charlotte Stories team wrote an article and created a petition in response to Gov. Pat McCrory’s letter that he sent to Charlotte on Monday. The letter told the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization to either vote in support of the toll lanes or “set in motion the necessary steps to create a new regional transportation plan.”

We were truly surprised and overwhelmed at the response to our petition, in less than a week, it received over 35,000 views and more than 11,000 signatures.

When our team sat down to finalize and print the entire petition this morning, we ended up with 11,483 total signatures that we printed on 329 pages.

Charlotte i77 PetitionWhen we delivered it, the planning department told us that it was one of the largest petitions that they had ever received.

The City of Charlotte and the CRTPO now have the key vote for the entire i77 toll lane project, as it’s worth 31 of the 68 total votes needed to continue building the new toll lanes.

The vote will take place at CRTPO’s planned meeting scheduled for Jan. 20th.

Neil Burke, the Senior Principal Planner for the CRTPO, told me that there will be a public hearing immediately before their meeting begins.

If you have additional questions or comments about the upcoming vote, you can email Robert Cook, the CRTPO Secretary here, or call them at (704) 336-2205.

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