Gov. McCrory Told Charlotte To Vote On Toll Lanes – Sign This Petition For Them To Vote No


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Gov. Pat McCrory has told local transportation leaders in Charlotte that they must finalize their vote within the month on the new i77 toll lanes.

mccroryIn a letter sent Monday, the Governor asked the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization to either vote in support of the toll lanes or “set in motion the necessary steps to create a new regional transportation plan.”

Some towns along i77 have already voted in support of the toll lanes, but the City of Charlotte is the key vote for the project, as it has a weighted vote worth 31 of the 68 total votes needed to finalize the new toll lanes.

A Charlotte city transportation committee will meet Jan. 4. to take a specific vote on the I-77 project.

Since gathering over 10,000 signatures in under a week, we delivered a hard-copy of this petition to the Mecklenburg Co. board to get them to vote no as their final decision, but they will be monitoring this online petition, so the more signatures we continue to raise the more they will have no choice but to vote no;

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