The City of Charlotte Just Grew By Over 267 Acres Last Night


The Charlotte City Council just voted to approve 4 annexation proposals at last nights meeting, adding 267.2 more acres into Charlotte’s city limits.

According to, “Annexation has resulted in Charlotte’s land area to more than double since 1980, reaching nearly 308 square miles.”

The newly annexed land is mix of parkland and new home development, including the following parcels:

▪ 17.9 acres off Berewick Commons Parkway in Steele Creek, which will become a new 107 townhome development, built by Mattamy Homes.

▪ 96.5 acres near the Plaza Rd. Extension, which will increase the size of Charlotte’s Reedy Creek Nature Preserve.

▪ 108.5 acres near Shopton Rd. West, which will add onto Charlotte’s Winget Park/Nature Preserve off Winget Road.

▪ 44.3-acres at the intersection of Byrum Drive and West Blvd., which will help the city in the future development of the River District.

The small red sections on the following map are the new parcels that were added to the city of Charlotte last night (using parcel maps from last night’s meeting):

The newly annexed parcels may look small on the above map, but 267 acres really is a significant chunk of land – it’s almost as much as the entire Charlotte city limits was back when the city was first founded in 1768.

What do you think about the continued growth of our city limits?