The City of Charlotte Is Asking Homeowners To ‘Band’ Their Trees


charlotte-treebandingOver the past few years, Charotte’s cankerworm infestation has continued to rise. Local entomologists think this may due to a decrease in migratory birds, and lower ground beetles numbers from over-manicured lawns.

The city of Charlotte just released the following press release, urging residents to band their own trees this spring:

How to Band a Tree

Step 1: Install a two-inch strip of cotton or insulation around the tree at least three feet from the ground and the lowest limb.
Step 2: Position a band of roofing felt over the strip and attach it to the trees with the staple gun.  Avoid using staples on small, young or thin barked trees. Instead use electrical tape to hold the bands.
Step 3: Using disposable gloves and a putty knife, put a film of Tanglefoot™(glue) directly on the band, approximately 1/8″ thick.
In order to be effective, all trees need to be banded. The worms feed on all types of trees. Large trees (taller than a two-story house) are the main focus of banding. Small trees can also be banded.”

Click here for tree band supplies – if we join together, we can save our beautiful canopy!