Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching Certification: Boost Your Career in The Tar Heel State


CCNA certification is a part of a big credential program offered by Cisco. Cisco is a very popular name in the networking industry. So, let’s directly jump towards what CCNA certification is and what benefits you can earn with this credential.

CCNA certification is designed for professionals that are tasked with job functions like wireless network specialists who work with technologies like designing, operating, and implementing Cisco Wireless networks.

The purpose of this certification is to test the candidate’s knowledge of wireless networking principles and theory. The expertise and technical skills of wireless professionals are also measured with this exam.

You must know that CCNA certification isn’t open to everyone. It is designed for a particular group of specialists. So, if you want to qualify for this credential, you must have any Cisco CCIE certification or a current Cisco CCNA Wireless certification. There are lots of benefits you can earn with this credential. And there are many other important things you must know before applying for CCNA certification.

Therefore, we have compiled all the important information especially for you. So, without any further ado, let’s discuss the details Click to Download ETE.

Why is CCNA certification so popular?

It is a valid question and it must be answered before we proceed further. Well, wireless is the basic need of today’s world. And there is clearly a lack of professionals that can properly address the wireless technologies and protocols. Therefore, it’s a golden opportunity for those who want to grow their worth and income. So, if you are curious enough to become valuable in the networking world, this certification is a great choice for you.

Reasons to become CCNA certified?

There are numerous things that can attract you towards becoming CCNA certified. We can’t address all these things here, therefore, we have decided to discuss the basic but most important reasons that may convince you to become CCNP certified.

The major reason to become CCNA certified is that it increases your worth in the networking industry. Also, the companies are focused on hiring the individuals that have earned professional level certifications. So, you won’t have to struggle for a job after getting this remarkable credential.

And most important of all, CCNA certified can earn around $80,000-$120,000 per year. So, it’s not a bad deal at all.

Details about exams

CCNA certification is a professional grade, therefore, it is a bit different and a little more complicated than the associate-level exam. There are four different tests that candidates must pass to become CCNA certified. Here is the list of the exams that are included in CCNA Certification:

  • 300-360 WIDESIGN
  • 300-365 WIDEPLOY
  • 300-370 WITSHOOT
  • 300-375 WISECURE

The detail about these tests is available on Cisco official website. However, we must discuss some details that may provide you with some basic understanding of these exams.

The pattern of all the exams is almost the same and there are 50-60 multiple-choice questions included in these tests. So, the candidates should come prepared on the exam day. The duration of all the tests is 90 minutes. It means you’d have enough time to solve the questions that are included in the exam.

Tips for passing the exams

Cisco has already provided a lot of information about the exams, but the candidates need a detailed answer to each and every question that appears in their mind. Therefore, we recommend taking help from platforms like Prep-Away or ExamCollection because these are the platforms that have the best tutors from all over the world.

These IT experts will not only provide you with excellent preparation resources but they will also answer your questions that may appear in your mind during preparation.

The candidates should keep in mind that they cannot pass the exam if they are not practicing their knowledge on a daily basis. Don’t forget to join a study group because you’d need some extra help at every step of the way. The group members would help you out if you are stuck in a problem.

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This is an important thing that candidates should know before taking their first exam. The validity of Cisco professional-level certifications is three years. And you’d have to apply for recertification after three years once you have earned your CCNA certification. You can recertify by passing one of the following exams:

  • CCIE Written Exam
  • 300-XXX Professional level or 642-XXX Professional level exam
  • CCNA board review and Cisco Certified Architect interview
  • Current CCDE Practical or Written exam

You must make sure that you take these exams before your CCNA Certification expires. Otherwise, you won’t qualify for recertification.

Importance of exam dumps

We know that there are some candidates that passed these tests without the help of exam dumps, but it only happens once in a blue moon. And you can’t take any risks because you have spent a lot of money on these exams. The exam dumps provide you with an overview of the actual test and they help you test your skills before appearing in the exam. Moreover, you can find them free on the internet.

In other words, they will boost your confidence and you won’t face any difficulty while taking the actual exam.


We believe the information we have shared is enough for the candidates that are applying for CCNA Certification. However, if there are still some doubts, we are always there to help you. So, feel free and send us the questions that appear in your mind.