Choose who Calls your Phone


When you give out your phone number, it is usually to someone you trust. However, there are times when you must put your phone number on applications or other paperwork. After a while, it may seem that your number is public property. You may begin to get many unknown calls and not know how to handle them. Most of us like to have some control over who calls so we are not constantly interrupted by a ringing phone. Unfortunately, telemarketers and scammers  often get your phone number.

It’s your Choice

If your phone is ringing all day and you do not recognize the numbers, you need to take action. This can get out of control quickly. One telemarketer may call several times a day from a few different numbers. It takes a bit of effort, but you can eventually stop these calls. First, it is important to find out who is calling. You may get a message at times that you can check. Take the number and enter it on a reverse phone lookup site to find out more information. You can sometimes find out a person’s name or the name of a business. You may even be informed if a number is a telemarketer or spam. You can then choose to block the number or call and confront the caller.

Keep a List

When you give out your phone number, you can also put the other persons phone number in your contacts. This way, a name shows up when they call. You can even add main numbers for businesses that often contact you. You may have your electric company in your contacts, for example. You might miss an important billing call, otherwise. When you begin to get various numbers from different area codes, your number may have fallen into the hands of an unwanted caller. Keep a list of these unknown phone numbers so you can look them up on a reverse phone number site. You can also keep track of  how often they call if you need to complain to them directly.

Different Types of Calls

When you get information from a reverse phone lookup site it can help you determine the type of call. Many legitimate businesses list their name with their numbers so you can easily find out who is calling you. Personal numbers, however, may not be as easy to figure out. Many individuals keep their phone numbers unlisted. When this happens, you may simply get a notification that the phone number belongs to an individual or that it is a private number.

Most telemarketing or spam calls come with a warning of high risk. You may be able to see a pattern in the calls once you start paying close attention to the numbers. Telemarketers often have several similar numbers they use at different times to try and trick you into answering the phone.

You phone is your personal property and you have the right to keep some calls away. it can become complicated, however, if you need to talk to some of the people that call you. When there are a lot of mystery calls, it can be difficult to figure out which ones to answer. Use a reverse phone lookup to help solve this problem.