China Has A Mini-Me Charlotte High-Rise and Charlotte Has A Mini-Me Chinese High-Rise


Did you know that Charlotte has a sister city in the heart of China (Baoding), that has roughly the same metro population (1.6 million)? Our relationship with Baoding allows us to transfer exchange students, ideas, technology, and resources around the world.

Ironically, it seems that Charlotte has also gleaned some interesting architectural ideas from China, and China may have done the same with Charlotte.

The Huijin Mansion in the city of Zibo (Shandong, China) looks like someone took the bank of America building and shrunk it:


The Huijin Mansion is 34 stories high and was completed in 2013…The Bank of America Headquarters building, however, is 60 stories high and it was completed in 1992.

Before you can get mad though, you should realize that Charlotte did the exact same thing about 4 years earlier.

The Duke Energy building (originally started by Wachovia Bank), is pretty much a mini-me version of the Shanghai World Financial Center in Shanghai, China:


The Duke Energy building is 48 stories high (54 in with mechanical floors) and was completed in 2010…the Shanghai World Financial Center, however, is 101 stories high and was completed in 2008.

Are these mini-me buildings simple coincidences…or could there be some sort of international building shrinking conspiracy happening here?

What are your thoughts?