Chili’s Reports Data Breach Affecting Customer Credit and Debit Card Data


The casual restaurant chain ‘Chilis’ has just sent out a press release telling all their customers to check their credit after discovering a massive data breach in the restaurant’s payment system.

According to the release, On May 11, the chain learned that some of their customer’s payment information was compromised between March and April 2018.

They are continuing an investigation with third-party forensic experts to determine what led to the breach and how better to prevent any possible future breaches.

The company now thinks that some type of malware was used to gather credit and debit card information from their payment systems.

Chili’s said customers personal information such as social security numbers, full dates of birth, and federal identification numbers were not compromised.

They are now telling anyone who used a payment card at a Chili’s Restaurant during March and April to contact all three national credit reporting agencies as soon as possible to place a fraud alert on their record.