Children’s Home Society of NC Receives $8M Donation from Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott


The Children’s Home Society of NC, one of the nation’s leading children and family services organizations, has received an $8M donation from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. The gift supports Children’s Home Society’s work for children and families, through innovative services that help families stay together and build resilience to navigate difficult life circumstances. The organization is also a leader in foster care and adoption across North Carolina.

“Ms. Scott’s generosity comes at a critical time for our communities,” said Brian Maness, President & CEO of Children’s Home Society of North Carolina. “Children and families need more than ever to be seen, heard, and validated while facing the challenges of today’s world. They need to feel hope for their future and that someone cares about them, particularly amidst current social inequities and the pandemic. We are so grateful to everyone who is helping and sharing in this work.”

The organization recently launched an ambitious 5-year plan outlining a better future for North Carolina children and families. “Ms. Scott’s donation will strengthen and help sustain this vital work as we continue to embrace our identity as a mission-driven problem solver, and promote the right of every child to a permanent, safe, and loving family. We know that no one person, organization, or gift can do this work alone, but every person – no matter their background – can make an incredible difference through positive and inspired action,” Maness said.

Gifts like Ms. Scott’s, as well as the consistent support from community members across North Carolina, make it possible for CHS to serve more than 15,000 North Carolina children and families annually. In 2021, more than 4,800 families were supported with parent education and support services, and a safe family placement was created for nearly 1,100 children who are in foster care. Children’s Home Society has celebrated more than 16,000 adoptions since 1902.

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