Charlotte’s Shahid Hassan Muslim Sentenced To Life In Prison For Trafficking Young Girls


Shahid-Hassan-Muslim-jpgShahid Hassan “Sharp” Muslim was found guilty of two counts of sex trafficking, one count of kidnapping, one count of production of child pornography, one count of witness tampering and five counts of promoting a prostitution enterprise.

His sentencing came 20 months after the FBI arrested and convicted 33-year-old Muslim of the long list of charges.

He used the city of Charlotte as his base to operate a multi-state sex-trafficking ring that stretched up and down the east coast. Through video and document evidence and witness testimonies, it was proven that he kidnapped girls (some as young as 16), and use violence to keep them in line while he prostituted them to men in Charlotte, Atlanta, and other major east coast cities. The women were lured into the ring with the promise they’d be part of a family, but quickly discovered that Muslim was keeping all the money for himself, while he threatened and beat them to make them stay.

In addition to his life in prison sentence, the U.S. District Judge Robert Conrad ordered him to pay $13,840 to each of the victims involved in the sex trafficking counts.

Vanita Gupta, the deputy assistant attorney general, commented that this sentence won’t undo the harm Muslim inflicted. But “this sentence sends a clear message that people who engage in human trafficking and violate the most basic standards of human decency will face the full force of justice.”

Human trafficking continues to be a major problem in the city of Charlotte, but the FBI in coorporation with the CMPD is increasing its efforts to take down the major rings.

There are also several non-profits in Charlotte that are helping rescue women and transitioning back into society, such as Justice Ministries, and Redeeming Joy.

This recent video produced by The National Geographic gives a raw look at the Human Trafficking problem in Charlotte;

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