Charlotte’s Own Q-Starnes Releases New Single to Bring Awareness to Mental Health


Chart-climbing rapper Q-Starnes, out of Monroe, NC, has just released a new single to bring awareness to mental health dedicating his new song self titled “You’re Enough” to the teens and people in general around the world suffering from depression.

Starnes who’s been in this music for 10+years. Has been on stages since he was around 8 years old. Music has always been in his family for many years and he knew early on what his true calling on life was. And that was to write and create records to inspire and motivate people.

“What inspired me to make this record was the day that I was reading headlines of so many teenagers committing suicide and how extremely high the suicide rate was just in the last 3 years” said Starnes. Who added “It influenced me to realize students these days and even adults sometimes just need some encouragement especially during a time as such with so much going on during this time in our great nation.”

Starnes is the oldest of 4 boys raised by a single parent mother. Being the oldest in the home He’s seen and heard the many issues of today’s teenagers simply because he has younger siblings who speak heavily about the use of social media and kids battling depression because they’re so caught up in the lifestyles of high status people, youtube influencers etc. Starnes believes teenagers even more now than ever are being misled to believe that having tons of materialistic things matter more than life itself.

“I myself have battled depression even having thoughts of suicide and am choosing to be transparent in my struggle” said Starnes. Who added “I simply want people to know taking care of your mental health should be a number one priority. As a tip of advice I’d say to all people strive daily to look for ways to feed your mind positivity whether it’s with music or meditating or even a hobby that you can practice everyday especially when the negative thoughts start to occur. The more positive outlook you have on your life, the more you view things from a positive perspective and the more gratitude you show for the things you have, Will surely lead to you being in a happier place mentally.”

We highly recommend you should play-listen to this record and consider having our client on as a guest on the show for an earn news segment slot and help change one life at a time by helping end this stigma against mental health. Any additional questions regarding the next steps forward please respond to this email for a phone call date.