Charlotte’s Newest Gym Is Changing How We Work Out – CKO Kickboxing


One of Charlotte’s newest fitness centers is changing how people think about working out.

CKO Kickboxing is a high-intensity hour-long workout designed to combine cardio with strength training in a fun and competitive atmosphere. Once the music starts, trainers guide everyone through a wide array of kicks, punches, elbows, jabs, and various other attacks;

CKO Kickboxing South Charlotte was opened by husband and wife power duo Nicholas and Linda Lancetti. In addition to their passion for fitness, Nicholas is a long time DJ and Linda is a certified health coach – their unique knowledge, experience, and personalities make for a truly powerful workout.

“I’ve been djing for 20 years and I make all the music sets for all of our classes.  Our members have a whole new experience in our classes because of the way my sets are specifically designed to bring the energy to the next level,” Nicholas commented. “Music can change a person and sometimes even motivate them to make a change and I like to take our members on a whole new fitness journey that will benefit them in the long run!”

They also told me that community is a key aspect in their gym – they’re focused on the physical, mental, and social growth of each member.

“Our gym is different because of the way we approach our members. We don’t care for how long they will sign up for, we want them to see real results and make them change their lives for the better,” commented Linda. “Doing this for 7 years now, we realized that every person has a story and making a difference in a person’s life means the world to us! If I can have a positive impact on their life…I’ve done my job.”

You can find out more about what they do or sign up for your first class on their website here and follow them on their Instagram account here.