Charlotte’s Mayor Roberts Joins Santa During The Free Store’s Christmas Extravaganza (Video)


Yesterday over 100 people gathered at ‘The Free Store’ to meet their neighbors, encourage the needy, and celebrate Christmas.

It was their 4th annual Christmas celebration, and this year they were joined by both Mayor Roberts and Santa himself.

I spoke with the Mayor about the event and discovered what this interesting place called ‘The Free Store’ was all about:

Charlotte’s Free Store got its start back in 2007 when some music lessons were exchanged for T-shirts, and it found it’s first perminent location in 2010 in NoDa’s eclectic Area 15. Since then, the “store” has helped thousands of people both contribute to the needs of others and find new resources for themselves.

Their motto says it all, ‘Give what you want, take what you need’.

They are now giving out free breakfasts and lunches every Saturday, as well as their steady supply of clothes, toys, and home goods.

The director of the Free Store, Amber Ervin told me that in addition to needing more resources and food, they are also in need of new volunteers. If you’d like to help out, you can email, or just swing by the Free Store in person at 420 E 15th St.