Charlotte’s Iconic Queen City Q Announces It Will Be Permanently Closing


After a trifecta of hardships, one of Charlotte’s most famous bbq restaurants has just announced it will be closing for good.

Like most restaurants, Queen City Q struggled significantly after being required to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When unrest in Uptown Charlotte began last week, it added even more pressure to the struggling business, and finally, when the RNC pulled the plug on their $200 million conference in Charlotte, the small bbq joint decided they had no other option but to close.

They made the sad announcement last Friday on their Facebook page:

In a comment under the post they added:

“This is the email we received this morning. Out of a sense that maybe BOA knew something we did not know and they are our landlord and asked us to secure our Patio Furniture we acted based upon information at hand. —

We would like to ask all Retailers to please be mindful of protest activities in and around the Uptown area today, May 29th at 1:00 pm at Trade & Tryon. Bank of America is requesting for all Retailers to secure any & all exterior furniture in your respective patio areas, please take precautionary measures today and for the remainder of this week. We do not have any definitive information as of this time, but are asking all Retailers to be mindful of your exterior furniture, the property and the personal safety of you & your staff. Details on what possible impact, timing and special instructions are forthcoming from Bank of America and JLL; anticipate updates on this topic as the day & week proceeds.

**If you do not have room to store your patio furniture, please reach out as we can offer space inside the Loading Dock.”

We will miss you Queen City Q!