Charlotte’s ‘Holiday Bachelor’ Going Viral After Posting Thanksgiving Date Packages


Charlotte’s own ‘holiday bachelor’ is now going viral after offering to accompany “any single ladies out there this holiday season who don’t want to spend another year listening to their mother ask them

‘when are you going to finally meet a nice man and settle down?'”

Although he wasn’t serious when he first posted it, he’s now reconsidering after the flood of responses.

“It started off as a joke but as I keep getting these messages, then like if something works out, it can be legit,” Joseph told NBC Charlotte.

In an interview with Spectrum News, he said, “I mean, if the right person contacted me I’d be down. Like I said, I need a place to go for Thanksgiving dinner. If there’s a right girl out there and you kind of want to shut your parents up then, I’d be happy to do so.”

As of 10am this morning, Richard has already received over 1,000 messages requesting his services all around the greater Charlotte region.