Charlotte’s First Video Dating Service Is Launching in February


video-dating-in-charlotteWith the rise of dating sites like and, and phone apps like Tinder, some people are beginning to think that video dating is a thing of the past.

One of the first major companies to pioneer the art of video dating was Great Expectations in the mid 70s, followed closely by Teledate, Introvision, and Date-A-Max.

In the 80s and 90s, video dating saw incredible success, with hundreds of couples finding their soul mate through the various services:

Starting in the late 90s, however, the rise of the internet ushered in the slow demise of the tried and true services.

Waves of people began to leave heart-felt video messaging for quick online chat sessions and picture swiping apps.

Here at Charlotte Stories, we decided to do something about this alarming trend.

We are about to launch an entirely new generation of video dating, right here in the Queen City:

We will begin filming the first videos in the beginning of February to be released in time for Valentines Day.

Video dating is back!

….and yes we are serious…we are really going to do this.

Please help spread the word – tell all your single friends to email if they’d like to be filmed and shown to thousands of potential matches right here in the Charlotte region!