Charlotte’s First ‘Fast-Casual Fish Camp’ About To Open – The Skrimp Shack


A widly popular new seafood restaurant is coming to Charlotte that could be described as a cross between a traditional fish camp and a fast-casual Five Guys.

Virginia-based Skrimp Shack will be opening their first Charlotte-area location on July 1 in the McMullen Creek Shopping Center.

They’re also searching for an addional two locations around Charlotte, ideally in Plaza Midwood, South End and/or University City.

The restaurant can be described as serving fast-casual seafood, including; fried fish and shrimp po boys, catfish and whiting fried by the pound, mac & cheese, fries, cole slaw, hush puppies, and southern-style green beans simmered with pork.

Have you ever been to a Skrimp Shack?

What are your thoughts on the new restaurant?