Charlotte’s First Emergency Pet Care Service Announcing Major Expansion


Charlotte’s first emergency petcare service has just announced a major expansion across our region.

Over the past year, Provisional Petcare has built a sizable member-base to help hundreds of pets-in-crisis by partnering with apartment management companies to provide their service to residents as an amenity.

“I was asked countless times why we didn’t cover single-family homes,” said Provisional PetCare founder Aynsley Brockway. “It made sense, homeowners don’t have property managers to help them in an emergency, so we built up our infrastructure and are now ready to help prevent the suffering of all of Charlotte’s companion pets.”

via Heather Marie Photography

On the company’s website, they note that “nearly every year between 5 and 7 million companion animals are placed into shelters due to the death of their owners, and over half of these animals are killed due to insufficient pet planning coupled with overcapacity in existing shelters.”

They are now working to reduce that number by caring for pets when emergencies arise.

If members encounter a disaster, personal emergency, or a delayed flight, they can call an 800 number, and one of Provisional’s specialists will determine the nature of the emergency, and if their pet needs temporary care, or to be transported to your emergency caregiver.

“As a lifelong pet owner, it pains me to think about loving pets who are abandoned due to an owner’s emergency,” said Brockway. “All it takes is a simple plan and a compassionate group to carry out the pet owner’s wishes to better pet’s lives, and help overcrowded animal shelters.”

If you’d like to find out more, or sign up for a plan, check out their website at