Charlotte’s Second Cocktail Ice Company Opens in South End


Over the weekend, Charlotte’s second cocktail ice company officially launched (Charlotte’s first being Artisan Ice Sculptures which launched about 10 years ago).

The Ice Trade is setting out to make crystal clear ice readily available for homes and cocktail bars around Charlotte. The idea for The Ice Trade has been years in the making, but it took one of humanity’s most challenging times for The Ice Trade to officially be born.

Founders, Larry Suggs and Scott Gadd, have over a decade of bar experience and are putting that knowledge into their newest venture after spending months researching and refining their processes before debuting this new concept to the public. All along with the goal of providing the purest ice possible for enjoying fine spirits and craft cocktails at home or at a local bar.

The water used in the production of their ice goes through a multi-stage filtration process before being slowly frozen over the course of three days using specialized freezers.  Their team then cuts each piece of crystal clear ice by hand using a combination of saws designed for ice cutting.

The Ice Trade proudly offers three core products. Their Queen Cube is 2”x2”x2” and is the standard large ice cube enjoyed by whiskey lovers worldwide. Their King Cube is 2”x2”x3” and is the bigger brother to the Queen Cube, perfect for a double pour or any cocktail. Their Column Cube is 1.25”x1.25”x4.5” and is truly a beauty. This unique cube is tall and slender, perfect for drinks served in a Collins glass, like the classic Tom Collins, Mojito, or other cocktails. Each package comes with 9 to 12 pieces of crystal clear ice and is $13.50 plus tax.

Ice can be purchased 24/7 at and picked up each Friday at their facility located in South End at 3133 May St. All ice is cut-to-order and limited quantities are available each week, so it’s recommended to order as early as possible. With current store hours on Friday from 2pm-7pm, it’s the perfect time for Charlotte residents to pick up ice to elevate their weekend home bar experience. For cocktail bars, The Ice Trade offers delivery and additional pickup hours.

Holiday Promotion: The Ice Trade will be offering limited runs of custom-sized ice throughout the seasons. Kicking it off with an “Ice Punch Bowl” for the upcoming Holiday season. This bowl is hand-carved from over 35 pounds of ice and is the perfect centerpiece for your small holiday gatherings. Included with your purchase will be three punch recipes featuring local spirits to ensure you are able to put your “Ice Punch Bowl” to perfect use. -only 20 punch bowls are being produced for the 2020 Holiday season.

In celebration of their launch, The Ice Trade is offering promotional pricing through the end of 2020. When purchasing online, use promo-code LAUNCH15 to receive 15% off your first purchase (not including memberships).  Ice can be picked up each Friday at The Ice Trade facility.

Please visit their website at for more information and follow them on Instagram @theicetrade to keep up as they pop up around town.