Charlotte’s Ardrey Kell High School Principal Was Just Suspended For Allegations of Racism


Yesterday, CMS announced that the Principal of Charlotte’s Ardrey Kell High School was suspended with pay while the board launches a full investigation into allegations of racism at the school.

Principal David Switzer has had a long history of racist allegations surrounding his leadership.

Recently, a popular white Ardrey Kell basketball player was suspended for using a racial slur toward the predominantly black West Charlotte High School, and someone also defaced a Black Lives Matter message that had been painted on a spirit rock in front of the school.

Last week, the Observer outlined a series of accusations from former and current students of the school who said that Switzer “directly contributed to a culture of intolerance at the school, using crude language, berating students and failing to seriously discipline those who made racist comments.”

Switzer even recently admitted to referring to people as “colored folks” during a staff meeting.

On June 8, CMS released the following video of Switzer in front of the school’s ‘Spirit Rock’ giving a message of anti-hate.

There are now 2 competing petitions on, one calling for the removal of Switzer and the other calling for the support of Switzer.

The “Have Principal David Switzer Resign from Ardrey Kell” petition currently has 3,792 signatures. The petition notes that “The racism that occurs at Ardrey Kell does not happen by “coincidence” but it is perpetuated, purposefully. The most recent event that has taken place on the campus with the school spirit rock being vandalized with hatred is only 1 of many incidents that have been covered by the local news in the past 6 years”, the petition ends with a series of links to all the past incidents at the school.

The “Ardrey Kell High School Community Supports our Leader” petition currently has 5,763 signatures. The petition states; “Much has been said lately in the media, which is for some reason determined to vilify David Switzer and the entire Ardrey Kell community. Let us tell you what actually happens at Ardrey Kell, and what David Switzer does here,” then goes on to detail actions Switzer has taken during his tenure.

What do you think about David Switzer’s leadership? 

Do you think he should resign or be fired?