Charlotte’s 10 Worst Restaurant Health Scores in June 2022


Even though the Charlotte region’s restaurant selection continues to grow, so does our population, and some restaurants are taking advantage of this growing customer base by letting their health standards slide.

Some of the most common reasons for low scores were food handlers not washing their hands properly, contaminated food containers, and improper food temperatures (many restaurants are starting to use infrared thermometers to avoid this).

These were the top 10 worst inspection scores in Charlotte for June, 2022;

#10 Cilantro Noodle

Scored 91.5 (A) on 6/23/2022

They had the following violations;

  • Observed no employee health policy available during inspection.
  • Observed food debris in hand sink near dry storage.
  • Observed hand sink near freezer without paper towels.
  • Observed multiple dishes stored as clean with food debris.
  • Observed rice in the walk in coolers cooling from last night above 41 degrees.
  • Observed chicken on the hot line below 135 degrees F.
  • Observed cooked broccoli, cut cabbage, pork belly, head cheese and ham above 41 degrees.
  • Observed canned mushrooms in prep top and walk in cooler with dates of 6/15 and 6/14 which exceeds the 7 days.
  • Observed opened whole milk, coconut milk and half/half without dates.
  • Observed lettuce in prep top without a time label.

#9 Haymaker

Scored 90.5 (A) on 6/17/2022

They had the following violations;

  • Observed raw ham in walk in cooler stored above carrots, French toast batter with eggs over ready to eat items.
  • Observed dish machine at the bar at a chlorine concentration of 0ppm.
  • Observed one of the prep units with multiple items above 41 degrees F (see chart).
  • Observed chicken wings (6/06), grits (6/8), mushroom stock (6/10), and cut melons (6/10) more than 7 days old.
  • Observed no date mark on blanched fries, chicken, cooked grains, and pork shanks in walk in cooler.
  • Observed tobiko with no date mark.

#8 Gus Sir Beef

Scored 90 (A) on 6/6/2022

They had the following violations;

  • Observed no signed employee health agreements available for employees currently working in facility.
  • Observed employee pre-washing and loading soiled utensils into dish machine and then removing and putting away clean utensils without washing hands.
  • Observed house made tartar sauces cooing in prep line reach in unit at 55f at 11:55 still at 54f at 12:40.
  • Observed line drawer unit holding raw hamburger steak, raw fish, raw chicken and commercially prepared cooked potato wedges all above 41f.
  • Observed significant buildup on equipment throughout back of house areas including but not limited to cooking equipment/stove top, interior of holding units, interior of WIC, fryer units, plumbing fixtures, and more.

#7 Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse

Scored 89.5 (B) on 6/17/2022

They had the following violations;

  • Observed priority items during my inspection: not following TPHC, cold holding, labeling chemicals, handwashing procedures.
  • Observed food handler wash their hands and then recontaminate their hands by turning off the faucet with their cleaned hands.
  • Observed rice and noodles either cooled from the day before or more above 41F in the walk in cooler.
  • Observed cooked noodles and rice with dates I was unable to read.
  • Observed TPHC for the rice and noodles did not have a time sticker.
  • Observed PIC unable to find written procedures for the rice and noodles TPHC form.
  • Observed spray bottle not properly labeled.
  • Observed floors equipment under equipment and hibachi cooking station in need of cleaning.
  • Observed dry storage floor in need of cleaning.

#6 Cook Out #39

4321 SUNSET RD, Charlotte NC 28216
Scored 87.5 (B) on 6/17/2022 (rescored to a 96.5 on 6/24/2022)

They had the following violations;

  • Observed PIC and 2 food employees wash hands and turn off faucet with bare hands.
  • Observed food employee BHC lettuce and putting it out for use.
  • Observed unwashed tomatoes over pickles.
  • Observed bbq sitting in the hotwell, food employee explained they put it in around 8:15 at 42-67-112F. (3 batches)
  • Observed cheese stacked too high at 44F, and ground beef in the cold drawer at 48F.
  • Observed facility using TPHC for lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, shredded cheese, coleslaw, quesadillas all on time.
  • Observed flies in the kitchen area.
  • Observed 3-comp sink overflowing, it overflowed 3 times since EHS was in the building.

#5 7-Eleven

Scored 87.5 (B) on 6/3/2022 

They had the following violations;

  • Observed no vomit kit/plan on site.
  • Observed no PT at front HS.
  • Observed soda nozzles at the front with build-up on them, on the inside screen (near the slushie machines)
  • Observed a box of pizza, on the floor, at 60F.
  • Observed fruit flies in the reach in cooler with the ice build-up.
  • Observed black build-up at the mop sink.

#4 Cottage Restaurant 

Scored 87.5 (B) on 6/21/2022

They had the following violations;

  • Observed employee food sitting on shelf over flip top cooler.
  • Observed employee place opened can of soda on prep table next to the cutting board.
  • Observed raw chicken over opened containers of sauces in WIC.
  • Observed food debris on container and pan stored as clean.
  • Observed chicken at 46 F, shrimp at 46F, and lettuce at 50 F.
  • Observed foods throughout the facility with no date mark.
  • Observed cleaner bottle under grill area with no label.
  • Observed flies throughout kitchen.

#3 Las Meras Tortas

Scored 87 (B) on 6/20/2022

They had the following violations;

  • Observed employees handling food boxes that were delivered, using the phone and taking trash and boxes outside and not washing their hands upon coming back inside or before donning gloves and changing tasks to food preparation.
  • Observed torta bread roll directly on the prep cooler wire shelf and an employee bottle of water in the ice machine.
  • Observed 2 – 5 gallon containers of salsa verde at 74 F that was prepared yesterday and was not properly cooled. Also observed a 4-6 inch deep pan with Cochinata – pork at 54 F in the center of the pan. Pork was cooked yesterday and was not properly cooled.
  • Observed steak 125F and refried beans 129F in the front steam table.
  • Observed deli ham and sliced cheese in between 42 and 45 in the top of the flip top 3 door prep cooler.

#2 American Deli

Scored 86 (B) on 6/30/2022

They had the following violations;

  • Observed PIC state his certification had expired.
  • Observed temperature at sink to be 87 degrees.
  • Observed one of two installed water heaters to be turned off.
  • Observed unwashed vegetables stored above buckets of celery, cheeses.
  • Observed frozen fish outside of bags in freezer intermingled with bread products.
  • Observed raw chicken wings stored in large white bin uncovered inside the walk-in cooler.
  • Observed microwave oven with food debris accumulation and living insects inside.
  • Observed shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, shredded cheese, sliced American Cheese, swiss cheese, ham, turkey, cooked corn beef flounder, tilapia, raw chicken wings all measuring over 41 degrees.
  • Observed cut lettuce in five gallon container without date label. Staff said it had been cut Monday.
  • Observed items in prep unit without date marking.
  • Observed old windex bottle with what food handler stated to be chlorine solution. Bottle label still showed Windex.
  • Observed working container of cleaner without label.
  • Observed bottle of Tylenol stored over front handwashing sink next to a bottle of mayonnaise.
  • Observed wound bandages stored above food prep table.
  • Observed tooth brush and toothpaste stored on cart next to hand wash sink.

#1 Egg at Davidson Cafe

Scored 85.5 (B) on 6/23/2022

They had the following violations;

  • Observed no PIC present to begin inspection.
  • Observed no person in charge during inspection, main handsink in kitchen inoperable, no employees with CFPM, multiple priority violations, inconsistent handwashing/glove use, no active managerial control displayed in facility during inspection.
  • Observed employee drinks stored on prep surface, directly next to cutting boards on prep table during inspection.
  • Observed employees using bare hands to make sandwiches and toast at prep line.
  • Observed main handsink in kitchen turned off due to a plumbing leak.
  • Observed can opener spike with buildup on food contact surface.
  • Observed interior white baffle wall of ice machine with significant black buildup, in need of cleaning.
  • Observed grits holding at 122F in hot steam table, employees stated they have been having issues holding temperature at steam table.
  • Observed 2x cold holding prep units holding TCS foods above 41F

If you’d like to monitor health scores or do a quick search for a restaurant you’re about to eat at, check out North Carolina’s health inspection database here.