Charlotte’s 10 Worst Restaurant Health Scores In June 2019


Even though the Charlotte region’s restaurant selection continues to grow, so does our population, and some restaurants are taking advantage of this growing customer base by letting their health standards slide.

Some of the most common reasons for low scores were food handlers not washing their hands properly, contaminated food containers, and improper food temperatures (many restaurants are starting to use infrared thermometers to avoid this). You can see exactly what the inspectors look for on this blank copy of an inspection report.

These were the top 10 worst inspection scores in Mecklenburg County for the month of June:

#10 Hibachi Buffet Sushi & Grill

Scored 88.5 (B) on 6/14/2019

They had the following violations;

  • Observed food employee changing gloves between handling raw chicken and handling RTE food without handwashing.
  • Observed bare hands used to mix egg roll filling at beginning of inspection.
  • Observed drink station handsinks without handwashing signs.
  • Observed same prep table used to prep raw chicken and egg roll filling today.
  • Observed lo mein cooled overnight at 44F in walk in cooler from previous day.
  • Observed unlabeled chemicals behind register.

#9 Cajun Yard Dog

Scored 88 (B) on 6/3/2019 (rescored to 93.5 on 6/5)

They had the following violations;

  • Observed an employee using cell phone then proceed with food preparation without washing his hands.
  • Observed employee cutting onions and peppers without gloves on.
  • Observed multiple plastic food storage containers stored clean with sticker residue on them.
  • Observed one container of mashed potatoes hot holding below 135F in steam table.
  • Observed items in a flip top line cooler cold holding above 41F.

#8 Amaravati 

Scored 87.5 (B) on 6/26/2019

They had the following critical violations;

  • Observed food employee not vigorously rub hands for 10 to 15 seconds when washing hands and turn faucet off with their bare hands after washing.
  • Observed dishwasher handle soiled equipment on soiled drain board at dish machine then handle clean equipment at clean drain board of dish machine without washing their hands in between.
  • Observed employee handle ready to eat onion with bare hands.
  • Observed food employee manually washing pan in 3 compartment sink but detergent hot water was 105 degrees F.
  • Observed employee place pan directly in sanitizer water after washing in detergent water and did not rinse pan after washing.
  • Observed some clean bowls and can opener stored as clean but soiled with debris and soil.
  • Observed biryani held using TPHC but times not identified on label as required.

#7 Angry Ales

Scored 86.5 (B) on 6/6/2019 (rescored to 95 on 6/19)

They had the following violations;

  • Observed PIC wash hands and recontaminate them with the sink faucet.
  • Observed open bags of rice and sugar, which could lead to harborage of pest.
  • Observed ice machine with black and pink mold on it.
  • Observed several large container of pre-cooked wings in a covered lexan pan in walk-in cooler with temps at 50F.
  • Observed walk-in cooler maintaining temperatures of 49-50F.
  • Observed large container of opened garlic in oil container with no date mark, as well as two half & halfs, and a few RTE (ready to eat) items with an 8 day time window.
  • Observed fruit fly spray hanging over front line food window, upon inspection of substance says “keep 8ft away from food”
  • Observed insect carcass on floor of kitchen.

#6 Mr. C’s

Scored 86 (B) on 6/19/2019

They had the following violations;

  • Observed employee using the back hand sink to store a spoon and lid.
  • Observed no soap at the hand sink.
  • Observed raw eggs stored on top of cucumbers in the walk in cooler.
  • Observed chicken hot holding below 135F on the hot holding serving line.
  • Observed no date marking in the facility.
  • Observed a can of bed bug killer spray on the storage rack. The rack contained single service items.
  • Observed several flies in the facility.

#5 Bankers Raw Bar

Scored 85.5 (B) on 6/8/2019

They had the following violations;

  • Observed several employee don gloves without washing hands.
  • Observed an employee handle soiled dish ware and then handle clean dish ware without a hand wash. Also observed an employee wash hands, with gloves still on the hands after, handling raw chicken.
  • Observed an employee handle raw chicken with a gloved hand and attempt to wash hands.
  • Observed several knives and vegetable slicer stored clean, according to employee, with food debris left on them.
  • Observed rice (48F), chili (52F), pasta (54F), fish (48F), slaw (48F), cut lettuce (50F), sliced tomatoes (48F), and chicken (48F).
  • Observed rice, pasta, chili, and slaw all without dates.

#4 Moe’s Original BBQ

Scored 85 (B) on 6/7/2019 (rescored to 92.5 on 6/11)

They had the following violations;

  • Observed employee handling dirty dishes then proceed to unload cleaned dishes from the dish machine without washing their hands in-between.
  • Observed unwashed produce boxes stored above ready-to-eat foods in the walk in cooler.
  • Observed an employee use gloved hands to touch shorts then proceed with handling shredded cheese without first changing gloves.
  • Observed multiple food containers stored clean with sticker residue on the outer portion of the containers.
  • Observed facilities dish machine operating at 0ppm chlorine during inspection.
  • Observed red beans in the walk in cooler at 44F that were made on the previous day.
  • Observed pulled pork hot holding in hot box at 127.
  • Observed several TCS foods in walk in beverage cooler above 41F, chicken wings stored at room temperature above 41F near fryers, chicken tenders at ~63F near stove top sitting out at room temperature, and the flip top cooler where catfish and shrimp are stored holding foods above 41F.
  • Observed smoked pulled meats wrapped in plastic wrap not dated in the walk in cooler.
  • Observed one unlabeled chemical spray bottle behind bar.

#3 Guate Linda

Scored 84 (B) on 6/13/2019 (rescored to a 90 on 7/2)

They had the following violations;

  • Observed no hand washing conducted during the inspection unless employees were instructed by the EHS to wash hands.
  • Observed multiple employees put on gloves without washing hands.
  • Observed an employee touch raw steak with gloves, then touch a knob on the stove and then a can of cooking spray.
  • Observed several opened bags of fish, beef and chicken commingled in the freezers.
  • Observed items sanitizing in the 3 compartment sink at 10 ppm chlorine.
  • Observed all items in the prep unit and walk in cooler holding above 41F.
  • Observed no date marking in the facility.

#2 Lotus Chinese Cuisine

Scored 84 (B) on 6/5/2019 (rescored to a 93 on 6/11)

They had the following violations;

  • Observed employee open canned drink stored on prep table.
  • Observed main cook leave cook line, wipe sweat from head and forehead, then return to cook line to cook without washing hands.
  • Employee washed hands, turned off faucet with bare hands.
  • Observed tub of raw chicken stored on top of box of tofu in walk in cooler and a tub of raw chicken stored above pan of raw pork in walk in cooler.
  • Observed crispy noodles stored in single service carboard box.
  • Observed cut cabbage stored directly on rack in prep cooler.
  • Observed unwashed produce stored above open tubs of cooling rice.
  • Observed large collander of cooked shrimp with plastic wrap cooling approx. 3 hrs in walk in cooler at 79 degrees.
  • Observed several trays of egg rolls and tub of sesame chicken cooked over 24 hrs ago not date marked in walk in cooler.
  • Observed foods held with TPHC, cooked sesame chicken, and cut cabbage not being time marked per approved TPHC procedure.

#1 Studio Movie Grill

Scored 83.5 (B) on 6/12/2019 (rescored to a 97 on 7/2)

They had the following violations;

  • Observed no certified food protection manager on site during inspection.
  • Employees do not know what foodborne illnesses and symptoms they should not come to work with.
  • Observed employee move from loading and handling dirty dishes to handling and putting away clean dishes with no handwash.
  • Observed 3 handsinks in the kitchen blocked during inspection.
  • Observed no soap at handwashing sink at the bar.
  • Observed slicer that was not used today with food debris and food liquid on it.
  • Observed final rinse reaching 155F. Plate thermometer read 155F at the hottest.
  • Observed garlic sauce cooling at a rate of 0F/min.
  • Observed potato skins cooled to only 44F in walk in cooler from yesterday.
  • Observed store-made dressings, sour cream and pico in prep top cooler holding above 41F.
  • Observed ranch and sour cream in reach in cooler holding above 41F.
  • Observed items in the walk in cooler near the door above 41F.

If you’d like to monitor health scores or do a quick search for a restaurant you’re about to eat at, check out North Carolina’s health inspection database here.