Charlotte Will See All 4 Seasons Over The Next 2 Days – Including Possible Snowfall


Charlotte is about to experience some of the most confused weather of the year over the next couple days, including; a fog warning, a thunderstorm, possible snowfall, and a temperature swing from 67° to 35° (with a wind chill of 28°).

The weirdness starts this morning with an official fog warning being issued for our region;

The 4-season cycle starts this afternoon at around 2pm when Charlotte will experience summer, with clear blue skies and warm 67°.

Our city will then transition into fall starting at around 7pm this evening with a thunderstorm and temperatures in the mid-50s.

Fall continues tomorrow with windy conditions and a high of 50°/low of 41°.

Tomorrow night we transition into winter with temperatures dropping from 50° at 6pm to 35° (wind chill of 28°) at 6am, and possible snowfall;

Be sure to have some de-icing salt handy for Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Springtime then returns late Thursday morning with clear blue skies and 57° temperatures.

This week’s weather reminds us yet again that there’s no place quite like Charlotte!