Charlotte Sports News You Need To Know About


If you’re a fan of sports, you’re going to live residing in Charlotte. The city is home to some of the best sports teams in the country. The Charlotte Hornets always put on exciting games. Plus, you’re going to be able to watch the Carolina Panthers. Then, there are many high school and amateur sports to enjoy. Well, you should know that the Charlotte sports scene might be changing in the future. Within this article, you’re going to learn about the latest Charlotte sports news so you can be prepared for these potential changes.


During the past few years, Colin Kaepernick has been blacklisted by the NFL. The quarterback hasn’t been able to find a sport on any team. However, there is a lot of talk that Colin could soon make his way back to the National Football League. Is there a possibility that he is going to end up in Charlotte? Cam Newton has played the position for the past few years but it is clear that his talent has faded very rapidly. Fans of the team are concerned that their team is going to have limited success with Newton leading the pack. Well, there is some discussion that Colin could become the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers.

At this point, it is a rumor but anything can happen. If it does, you can guarantee that this is going to stir some controversy. After all, there are some fans that would prefer Colin never make it back to the big leagues.

Cam Newton

If you take a look at Australian pokies news, you’re going to find out that many people are not too impressed with Carolina this year. This season, the Carolina Panthers have played two games. On September the 8th, they played against the Rams. The game ended with a final score of 30 to 27 in favor of the Rams. Their second game was played on September the 12th. Again, the Panthers lost. This time, they were beaten by the Buccaneers. The final score was 20 to 14. Suffice to say, the Panthers have two losses and no wins.

This is concerning for fans and much of it has to do with Cam Newton. Well, it has been said that Newton is dealing with another foot injury. He did something on the field that has his old injury flaring up again. He was a no show for the latest practice and that is not a good sign for fans. Someone close to the team said that Newton was low about it because he wants to compete so badly.

Rivera doesn’t have a clue when Newton could return. If he cannot play during week 3, he will be replaced by Kyle Allen who was signed as a rookie free agent after the 2018 NFL Draft. Allen managed to secure the backup job during training camp. Will he able to help the team regain success and win a few games? Fans will find out soon enough. The Panthers are scheduled to play against the Cardinals on September the 22nd.

The team doesn’t have a win either. However, they did go to overtime with the Lions.

The Tar Heels

Meanwhile, the North Carolina Tar Heels have looked pretty good this season. They have a record of 2 and 1 with wins over Miami and South Carolina. The team was beaten by Wake Forest in its last game with a score of 18 to 24. It was a competitive game until the very end. The Tar Heels should be able to pick up a win against Appalachian State on the 21st. The team is favored to win and they should do just that. Then, they’ll be looking forward to a tough showdown with the undefeated Clemson.

The Hurricanes

Finally, you should know that the NHL preseason is now underway. The Hurricanes will play again today. So far, their preseason has started out well. They played the Lightning yesterday and won with a score of 3 to 0. The team will square off against the Lightning once again at 7 PM. The Hurricanes are the favorite at this point. Then, they can look forward to a game against the Capitals and two games against the Nashville Predators. Remember that the regular season is right around the corner.