Charlotte Sees Its First April Snowfall In Over 30 Years


Charlotte saw one of the latest snowfalls in history. This morning we received a total accumulation of about 0.1 inches in Charlotte, with even more falling in the southeastern part of our region, especially in Matthews, Waxhaw, and Monroe.

The first flakes were spotted at about 6:30am and many continued falling around the Charlotte area until about 10:00am.

Snow was visible on most lawns but it never really got cold enough to stick to the blacktop.

Even though it didn’t cover the roads, however, NCDOT wasn’t taking any chances;

and even though schools weren’t canceled, the kids still loved the Spring dusting;

This is the first time in 37 years it’s snowed this late into Spring. The latest date on record for snowfall in Charlotte was on May 2nd.

What did you think of today’s snowfall?