Charlotte Renters Live in Smaller Spaces Than 10 Years Prior


From chocolate bars to apartments, shrinkflation is real.

The latest analysis of apartment size in the 100 largest U.S. cities shows that America’s newly built apartments hit a 10-year low, after a sharp 30-square-foot drop in size last year.

Charlotte renters may feel like the walls are closing in on them, as they have to make do with 9 square feet less than what they used to rent a decade ago. However, apartments in the city are far from smallest in the country.

Here are more highlights:

  • The average Charlotte apartment measures 929 square feet, less than what renters get in Greensboro, Winston-Salem or Raleigh. Still, that’s significantly more than the national average of 887 square feet, placing the city on the 35th spot nationwide for its apartment size.
  • New rentals in Charlotte offered 938 square feet in 2013, but lost 9 square feet by 2022. The shrinkage is the 2nd most significant in the state, with Durham taking the lead after a 27-square-foot drop.
  • Apartments in Charlotte are expected to shrink further in the future, as units under construction are estimated to average 923 square feet once completed.
  • Nationwide, the average size of new apartments contracted by 54 square feet in the last decade. Notably, 2022 showed the largest year-over-year decrease, down 30 square feet. The drop in size can be attributed to more studios and one-bedroom apartments entering the market in 2022, among other factors.

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