The Charlotte Region Is Now Home To One Of The First Prosthetic-Legged Goats in America


The Charlotte region is now home to one of the only prosthetic-legged goats in America.

According to WCNC, “Frosty was just a baby when he got a bad infection in his right knee. When he was two years old, a bad fall complicated things. Doctors knew they’d have to amputate, and even recommended putting him down.”

Frosty’s owner, Deb Barry, fell in love with Frosty and couldn’t bear the thought of having to put him down.

She thought he would start learning how to move around on just three legs, but it just never happened.

She called in an artificial limb specialist from Florida to have a cast formed that would fit him just right.

Now that the new $10,000 prosthetic leg is attached, Frosty couldn’t be happier.