Charlotte Ranked The #8 Best City in America for Water Quality


With clean, safe water more crucial than ever to public health, some U.S. cities are making waves when it comes to pumping out high-quality H2O to their residents.

They include cities like Charlotte, on account of high consumer satisfaction, great infrastructure, and few violations of quality standards, for example.

Charlotte ranked No. 8 on LawnStarter’s Best Cities for Water Quality report, which compares the 200 biggest U.S. cities across seven key factors, including those listed below.

How does Charlotte stack up?

Charlotte’s Rank for Some of the Key Metrics (1 = Best)

    • Satisfaction with Drinking Water Quality and Accessibility – 39th
    • Increase/Decrease in Number of Water Quality Violations – 12th
    • Share of Homes Lacking Plumbing or Kitchen Facilities – 7th
    • Share of Homes with Sewage Disposal Breakdowns in Last 3 Months – 15th

Best Cities for Water Quality