Charlotte Ranked 4th-Best Southern U.S. City for Women in STEM


A new study has just been released ranking the top U.S. cities for women working in STEM, with the Queen City ranking among the top in the nation and the 4th in the South.

For this ranking, the commercial real estate research site CommercialCafe analyzed 123 U.S. cities, using a methodology that was refined to focus on tracking local STEM employment and the levels and evolution of income for women relative to the overall sector in the local economy.

Here are some of the key highlights from the new study:

  • Of the six North Carolina cities included in the study, Charlotte was the only one to rank among the top 20 best U.S. cities for women in STEM. With a total score of 10.34 points, the city ranked 14th, ahead of Atlanta, Ga., and just behind Portland, Ore.
  • On a regional level, Charlotte ranked 4th among the best Southern U.S. cities for women working in STEM, behind Arlington, Va., Washington, D.C., and Austin, Texas.
  • In Charlotte, women working in STEM occupations accounted for 34% of the local sector, which was the 4th-highest degree of representation among the top 10 Southern U.S. cities we compared, and was roughly on par with Atlanta.
  • With a total of 14,324 female STEM workers, Charlotte was home to the 4th-largest number of women working in STEM among the 48 Southern U.S. cities we analyzed, behind Washington, D.C. (19,530 women STEM workers), Houston, Texas (21,600), and Austin, Texas (21,626).
  • The STEM sector in Charlotte saw a 10.5 percentage point increase in the share of women STEM workers, from 2017 through 2021 — the largest percentage point increase in representation, among the top 10-scoring Southern U.S. cities we compared.
  • In 2021, there were nearly 7,000 more women working in STEM occupations in Charlotte than there were in 2017 — the second-most women STEM workers added, among the top 10 Southern U.S. cities we compared. In this respect, Charlotte ranked only behind Austin, where the STEM sector added roughly 7,850 women workers during that same time.
  • Southern U.S. cities accounted for 48 out of 123 locations included in our current ranking, making it the largest regional group in the mix.

See how Charlotte ranked among other U.S. cities and read about the methodology in the full report here –