Charlotte Ranked 3rd Best City for BBQ in America


It’s now May (aka ‘National Barbecue Month’). In honor of the month, the website Chef’s Pencil decided to do some research to find out which city makes the best smoked meat.

They used TripAdvisor’s rankings to analyze America’s 75 largest cities and which have the most liked BBQ restaurants

Top findings:

  • New Orleans (1st) and Oklahoma City (2nd) were determined to be the best overall cities for BBQ.
  • Charlotte, Wichita, and Virginia Beach tied for the 3rd spot with a score of 4.25.
  • Chicago, Los Angeles, and Austin had the highest number of top-rated BBQ joints (rated 4.5 stars and higher).
  • Blue Door Smokehouse in Lexington, Kentucky was found to be the best BBQ restaurant in the nation, according to online reviews.
Best Cities for BBQ in America


Charlotte has made big strides in our BBQ game over the past few years. With an average rating of 4.25, Charlotte ranks well ahead of local rivals Raleigh (score 4.0) and Greensboro (score 3.95).

What do you think about BBQ in Charlotte?

What’s your favorite BBQ spot in Charlotte?