Charlotte Police Just Issued A Warning About An Increase In Front-Door Package Thieves


cmpd-warning-about-pakcage-theivesWith Christmas drawing near, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department has just issued a public warning anyone expecting packages to be delivered to their front doors: Watch out for “porch pirates.”

Police are seeing an uptick in reports of thieves stealing packages right off the doorstep of people’s homes in broad daylight.

They just released this video, warning Charlotte residents to be weary:

CMPD warns residents to be extra cautious this holiday season. “We’re reminding people that it’s that time of year and that they need to be aware and not leave their packages unattended. If you know you’re not going to be home, have them delivered to the neighbor’s or have them sign for them.”

With the increased use of outdoor security cameras, some of these thieves are now being caught in the act.

This video from last week shows a man pretending to be a pizza delivery guy to steal a package:

Here’s some more footage of package thieves from Aurora, CO:

And this man was actually able to catch the thief red handed and get his packages back (not recommended):

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