Charlotte Nonprofits Are Shifting Their Focus Toward Uniting The City in 2018


Many nonprofits in Charlotte have been shifting their focus away from awareness campaigns and internal fundraisers and toward community social events. Charlotte is the perfect city for the shift as so many people are from out of town and are always looking for a new way to socialize and meet new people.

In 2018 there will be 5 major non-profit festivals that will focus on bringing Charlotteans together, with the added benefit of building awareness and raising money for amazing causes.

Events such as University City Wine Fest and Charlotte Kids Fest raise money for education and literacy programs for the Library Foundation.

RescuedMe has formed South End Hops Fest as an annual fundraiser to save dogs and place them in loving homes.

JoedanceFilm Festival partners with Levine Children’s Hospital in an effort to raise funds and awareness of rare pediatric cancers.

Classroom Central produces South End Wine Fest. Every dollar raised turns into $7 of school supplies that go to the children in Charlotte.

Be a part of the positive change happening in your city!