Charlotte Might See The Last Snowfall Of The Season This Weekend


It looks like the Charlotte region might be getting some snow this weekend.

The National Weather Service is showing at least a 22% chance of snowfall in Charlotte Saturday night into Sunday morning;

Charlotte meteorologist Brad Panovich gives a more in-depth look at the cold air system that will be building this weekend, and when and where snow will likely fall Sunday and Monday.

“The track of the storm is still key. Depending on the track that’ll be key to how much snow we could actually end up getting or if we get any snow at all,” Panovich commented. “The highest probability is obviously in the mountains with 60 to 70% chance of seeing one inch of snow.”

Be sure to have some de-icing salt handy for Sunday night Рespecially if the sidewalks and roads are wet when the sunset, as it will stay below 32 degrees through the night.

According to the Weather Channel, this weekend’s snowfall will likely be the last of the season, as tempuratures are expected to slowly warm up over the next 10 days and will likely stay there through the end of March and into April;