Charlotte Ranked The #1 Most Socially Responsible City in America


The Queen City was ranked as the #1 most socially responsible big city in America, according to the fifth annual Conscious Consumer Spending Index.

To determine the ranking of the top 50 cities, the group sampled 5,096 Americans across the country to identify the country’s most socially responsible big cities. They asked a variety of questions specifically related to; purchasing habits, nonprofit giving and environmental practices.

According to their press release, “Charlotte came out on top as America’s most socially responsible city. Long Beach, Oakland, Virginia Beach and Seattle rounded out the top five. In specific categories, Long Beach ranked highest for earth-friendly practices and had the most conscious consumers, while Virginia Beach was the nation’s most charitable big city. Charlotte’s second-place finish in all three categories propelled it to the top spot overall.”

The study also found that Americans’ outlook on the state of the world has a significant impact on how socially responsible they are. If responders had a negative outlook, they were less likely to purchase products from more socially conscious companies, less likely to donate time and money to nonprofits, and less likely to do “green activities” (recycle, carpool, etc).

“I remain incredibly excited about the state of socially responsible spending in this country, but we do need to address the obstacles of awareness and apathy that are momentarily slowing our opportunities for growth in this area,” said Heath Shackleford, founder of Good.Must.Grow. “We’ve endured a lot as a society this year: political unrest, natural disasters, and unspeakable tragedies. It’s more important than ever for business to be a force for good. Fortunately, we see the demand from consumers. We feel the energy. Good is continuing to grow. We just need to continue feeding the movement.”

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