Charlotte Just Approved Drinking On City Streets in New “Social Districts”


The Charlotte City Council has just voted to approve a new city ordinance that allows for the creation of specially designated ‘social districts’ where open container alcoholic beverages will be allowed on public sidewalks.

The new ordinance requires that beverages must be purchased from an ABC approved bar, restaurant or other establishment, and consumed within the boundaries and hours of the specific social district. The containers also must have clear labels with the specific social district’s logo and name.

“[Social districts are] a great way for us to be able to help our small, local businesses in the community,” said Council Member Larken Egleston in a press release. “It will require more work on the back end of this vote by the next council to approve the specific districts that come in.”

While the broad ordinance is now approved for the city, individual social districts must now be designated and approved by the council.

According to the ordinance, potential new districts must:

What do you think about the idea of having social districts in Charlotte?