Charlotte Just Approved $2.6 Billion Budget For 2019 – Their Largest in History


The City of Charlotte just officially approved their largest budget in history.

Last night, the Charlotte City Council voted in a $2.6 billion FY 2019 operating budget – an 8.8% increase of last year’s $2.39 billion budget.

According to the new budget, Charlotte residents can now expect to see the following City tax and fee impact for homes at the $100,000 value;

The new budget includes pay raises for Charlotte’s police officers and firefighters, as wells as 6 additional police stations and a new fire station. It will also double our funding for streets, sidewalks, and the safety of pedestrians, as well as increase funding for affordable housing.

“I think this budget reflects the fact that we are trying to give people more access to opportunity,” commented Mayor Pro Tem Julie Eiselt at last night’s meeting.

The overall 2019 budget includes a new general fund budget of $693.8 million, a 3.7% increase over 2018’s general fund budget, which will be spent on the following;

You can view the entire FY 2019 budget here.

What do you think of Charlotte’s 2019 budget?